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    i am looking for assistance my Dynamic Ads are not rotating but stacking up one on top of the other what could be the issue?


    Have free version
    Mode: Dynamic (10 second rotation)

    We have same problem, ads are group up in 2 when you use opera as browser.
    Looks fine in chrome and IE

    But more trouble is that no stat is showing up for this group at all (not as group and nothing in single ads)


    Usually that’s a size issue in the group settings. Make sure the advert size matches the image size.

    Also make sure the javascript for dynamic groups is loaded – You can see if it is in your browsers inspector. The filename is jquery.adrotate.dyngroup.js .


    problem 1 is solve – my own foult – i got adblocker activated in opera and this cose the problem showing 2 ads on top of each other and also the load of the ads ben reactivated now.

    Still have problem with stats of the ads – have no statistic at all frpn this dynamic ads, in group or in single add.


    Some ads can not be tracked by AdRotate (Pro) because they have no link to track.
    Google ads and similar for example have this issue.
    If this is the case, AdRotate will tell you that there is no trackable link in the advert with an error. Something like “Stats are on, but no link is found” – Look for the yellow highlighted adverts.


    This is content of ad (one of 19) that go in this dynamic group, nothing “fancy” only a picture

    <img src="/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/reklamkompaniet200px.png" />
    but still not show any stat.


    Well, as I said, you need a link in the advert to track it. Otherwise it obviously can’t count clicks.


    <a href="https://www.tsfastigheter.se" target="_blank"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/TS-Fastigheter-200px.png" /></a>

    Not sure what link you need, but this have same result.. My point in above post was that we dont have any JS, but simple code.


    Right, that should work.
    What does it show for stats in Manage Adverts? 0’s or …’s?


    0 all the way
    have 19 ad’s running in a new group and is not showing anything


    If stats are on (showing 0’s) but nothing is recorded for impressions or clicks there usually is some kind of caching hindering things.

    AdRotate has support for Borlabs Cache and W3 Total Cache.
    Check out this manual to see how to set up the plugins for that to work; https://ajdg.solutions/support/adrotate-manuals/caching-support/
    Personally I prefer Borlabs cache (https://borlabs.io) as it’s much easier to set up.

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