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    Hello, we are running WP4.9 with Ad Rotate Pro 4.16.

    We have a Dynamic Group of Adverts on the home page of our website (washingtonagnetwork.com) and it rotates beautifully. Unfortunately it does not track any stats when it is in Dynamic mode. When it is in the Default mode and showing the ads one at time we get full tracking.

    Please advise on the best solution.




    There are javascript errors on your site, related to Facebook, sometimes such errors hinder or halt other javascripts. In your case this could mean the admin-ajax script AdRotate uses to count impressions for your adverts (which is active for Dynamic mode).

    Try to resolve that error and see if that improves things.
    You can see/inspect javascript errors in your browser by inspecting the page and taking a look at the “console” tab of that interface.

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