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    restarting use of Ad Pro. Worked a year ago for but I stopped using because I didnt put effort into selling ads. Fire it up again a year later and: echo adrotate_group(1) appears

    I just re-upped on the multisite and I am running latest version. I reset my license key to new 104 key.

    So I read all the posts with W3 and how to configure. I did all of that, and still echo adrotate_group(1)

    Here’s the kicker. I complete deactive the W3 module. The Performance options disappear. The top Performance menu is gone. Completely deactivated. Seems like a reasonable troubleshooting step

    Yet I still get echo adrotate_group(1) displayed instead of the ad. No W3 at all.



    Arnan de Gans

    Thanks for getting a new license! 🥳

    If you see a code instead of your advert you didn’t configure W3 Total Cache correctly.
    Check out this manual on making the plugins work together;

    Also make sure that you’re not just looking at a cached page after you set things up.
    This can be a silly browser cache as well.



    Thanks for replying. I had already completely disabled W3. It’s even in the post title. no sign of it running in the site, and still have the token printing instead of the ad.

    I also refreshed browsers and tried on the big three brands. Still just the token. No ads.

    Only thing left is to completely delete the W3 pklugin… which shouldnt be a factor.

    I may do a video of the settings.

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