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    I don’t know whats happened but statistics are empty for clicks and views. I didn’t check before because it wasn’t needed. And now when I need to provide stats and there nothing. I checked by google analytics how many visits were for the page around 70k, but statistics show 0. Also, I found an error “SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<‘” in jquery.adrotate.clicktracker.js it explains why 0 clicks. How to fix broken stats?


    Forgot to mention version is AdRotate Professional 5.8.8


    What does it show for stats in “Manage Adverts”? –‘s or 0’s?


    This for already finished

    This for active ads


    Looking at your 2nd screenshot – No stats are enabled for any of those.
    Edit every advert you want to track and enable the statistics checkbox.


    Ok, thank you

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