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    Hi I’ve ADROTATE PRO but always many unsolved issues with HTML banners!
    At the beginning, a strange matter with permissions… now I’ve changed the server under SiteGround…
    Than unexpected error with iFrame…
    Now it seems averything is ok, it saves!!!
    …but instead of the banner the page displays “Error 0004. Unable to find the image.”
    What’s that, now???? I just want my banner!!! What’s wrong???
    The banner is ok, if I drop it one the browser it works and jump to the link, all the internal links are ok, I uploaded everything into the banner folder (html external and all the resources into a folder)… so really don’t know what to do…
    Please help me! It drives me and my customer mad !!!!


    Arnan de Gans

    Your account does not have AdRotate Pro.

    What is the error with the iFrame?
    There is no error Error 0004. Unable to find the image. in AdRotate or AdRotate Pro. Errors in AdRotate don’t have numbers.

    Which version of AdRotate do you use?


    Arnan de Gans

    Moved to Adverts and Banners, not a bug.

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