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    Hi we are hosting with Kinsta and run there cache.
    We want to show proper statistics to our client and right now it only shows approx 10% of pageviews to clients. I’ve talked to our hosting for a solution and they said we can maybe exclude adrotate ads from being cached by using a cookie? Could you help us answering if this is the right way and how this would work?

    Or if we can make another solution from the ads being cached? I know you have done this for the w3 cache plugin so if you have any explanation of how we can do this for our cache that would be great.




    AdRotate doesn’t use cookies for adverts.

    AdRotate has support for W3 Total Cache and Borlabs Cache.
    Check out this manual on making the plugins work together; https://ajdg.solutions/manuals/adrotate-manuals/caching-support/



    Our hosting company uses their own cache on the servers unfortunately this is not w3 total cache or Borlabs.

    Can you give a suggestion how we can exclude Adrotate from being cached, like maybe you can tell where the code is that we have to exclude or maybe exclude, so that we can make a custom exception in the code like you did for w3 total cache and borlabs. Or maybe this is possible with a cookie and if so what piece should we exclude.

    Thanks for help



    If the caching from your hosting has a thing called fragmented caching you can try to use that. If it works the same as W3 Total Cache, then enabling that option in Settings should get you going.

    Otherwise, look for their manuals and go through that.



    Yeah they don’t have that, they told me they can exclude url’s and cookies.
    Do you have any ideas on how we can build somehow an exclusion for this? We would like to keep using adrotate, but clients need actual data.

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