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    We purchaed and installed the AdRotate Pro License and installed AdRotate Switch.

    What we’re not clear about is how exactly are we suppose to export the data from WP Pro Advertising ….and then import it into AdRotate via AdRotate Switch.

    We looked at all the information and I think we’re missing something about this process.

    Could we ask you to give us directions on how to do this?

    Thank you very much.


    Arnan de Gans

    AdRotate Switch has it’s menu in the Tools dashboard of WordPress.
    If your “old” plugin is supported it’ll show up there with appropriate options and notes.



    Hi Arnan,

    When we go to DASHBOARD > TOOLS > ADROTATE SWITCH we do not see any options to really do anything.

    The reason we purchased ADRotate Pro is because the Switch product shows on https://ajdg.solutions/plugins/adrotate-switch/ that WP Pro Ad System is a compatible plugin.

    We have WP Pro Ad System installed with version 5.2.8 We are having significant difficulties with their new version and are looking for an alternative option. Specifically we believe their new version has a conflict with the theme or other plugins.

    Let us know if the above helps you troubleshoot our problem.


    Arnan de Gans

    Maybe your newer version of Pro Ad System is not yet compatible.
    Please send an email via the contact form outlining the issues you’re having with AdRotate Switch and Pro Ad System and I’ll see if I can update stuff to make it more easy on you 🙂


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