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    Not asking for help, simply reporting bug.

    Current plugin: AdRotate Professional (version 5.8.8)
    PHP version 7.4.8
    Error Details:
    An error of type E_PARSE was caused in line 92 of the file /www/public/wp-content/plugins/adrotate-pro/dashboard/publisher/adverts-disabled.php
    Error message:
    syntax error, unexpected ‘}’, expecting end of file


    Arnan de Gans

    When releasing the update I briefly uploaded the wrong version.
    Within some 5 minutes the right version was online.
    If you’ve downloaded the ‘wrong’ version you can run into this error.

    Please re-download the plugin and upload the plugin, overwriting the current files, or just the one specific file mentioned in the error adverts-disabled.php to get rid of the error.

    You can follow the manual steps for this – https://ajdg.solutions/support/adrotate-manuals/upgrade-adrotate-pro-to-a-newer-version/

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