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    Attempting my first advert. My ad company tells me to use a script like so:

    <script src=”//″></script>

    I notice on the demos, I should have an image. This script does not give me one. When I input the script as written I get an ad in the preview. However, on a test post I get nothing.

    What am I supposed to be doing here?



    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Jeff, If in the preview it works you obviously do not need a separate image.
    The code you got seeems to work fine then.

    So if it the advert doesn’t show anything on your site the placement is wrong.
    For example the schedule isn’t right. Or you’ve used the wrong code/widget or something similar.

    If you’re sure you’ve placed the advert correctly on your page, inspect the page source to see if AdRotate outputs a error instead. That’ll tell you what’s what.



    Got it, beginner error. Did not realize that the default time was such it would not show. Thanks

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