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    I am using the free version of AdRotate with Wordpress and currently working through the process of making my website compliant with the new GDPR privacy and cookies laws.

    Can you please confirm whether this plugin uses cookies and/or stores any personal data (IP address, etc) for the purposes of tracking advert views and clicks, or for any other reasons?

    Many thanks!




    I’m also interessted in the GDPR Compliance of Adrotate. I noticed that there are IP addresses getting stored in the database by adrotate. Is there the possibillity to deactivate that somewhere?

    thank you


    Arnan de Gans

    AdRotate creates cookies if you use Geo Targeting, this cookie expires in a week, is anonymous other than the users location. And is not accessible by ordinary users.

    AdRotate also creates cookies with non-identifyable information if you use Dynamic groups.
    I’m looking at doing this differently – Some users reported there are too many such cookies and there are better ways these days to store that information. So that’s probably going away soon.

    As for storage. AdRotate stores the user IP to keep track of recent impressions and clicks. This data is removed after 24-36 hours.
    The IP is not visible to ordinary users and can not easily be accessed.

    A few other users concluded that AdRotate (Pro) does not infringe on any of the new regulations.
    Aside from some small changes IF they are required I’m not going to give too much attention to this EU nonsense.



    Thank you very much for your detailed reply. That’s all very helpful!


    Arnan de Gans

    The most recent updates got rid of the impression cookies, I’ve double checked the Geo cookie and it does not store identifiable information. Not even the IP.

    As mentioned before, AdRotate (Pro) stores the users IP for up to 24-36 hours for tracking. If you don’t want this, use a 3rd party tracker.

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