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    generator – much better for a delegation job – but why can’t i select from media gallery (which allows me to import multiple files at once vs one at a time to banner)

    add new – if ‘no follow’ is recommended, and ‘open in new tab’ is recommended, as per generator, it would make sense to refer to these two points on the ‘add new’ page and in the creating adverts page of the manual. it is on neither. and also to have that config as the sample, or at least an additional sample. then people could start correctly and not discover it at some point in the future meaning they have been damaging their seo for ages, and have to face onerous task of opening and manually changing all of their existing adverts.

    xml – i can’t see any entry to the manual at all about how to use the xml import/export on the feature list, for both new ads and whether it can be used to mass edit existing ads.



    Arnan de Gans

    The code Generator is meant to be easy and dummy proof. Adding multiple ways to get your image in there is confusing.

    Xml has recently been replaced by CSV files. Which are more easy to use and read.

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