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    –AdRotate Geo is no longer working because you have no more lookups for today. —

    There is no way we used 20,000 look ups in one day? Our blog has less then 1,000 page views a day!



    Also I tried re-saving the setting, changing them and changing them back, nothing seemed to work.


    Arnan de Gans

    If you’ve used more than expected lookups your site may be visited by a lot of bots.
    You can configure/change the bot filter in Settings to catch more of different bots and crawlers.

    If you consistently go over the daily quota (with real visitors) you should look at using ipstack or Maxmind.



    Thanks for the reply, I checked for bots and while there was a few they weren’t generating thousands of page views.

    Today it reports around 200 impressions on the banners yet my Geo look up is exhausted again!

    While i wish it was the case there is no way I’m going over the quota with real visitors (I barely hit the daily quota in a month)


    Arnan de Gans

    Pageviews and advert impressions are not the same and can not be compared as such. Though similar trends can be observed. More pageviews of-course also generates more impressions.
    However, me visiting a bunch of pages on your site may generate, say, 4 pageviews (1 visit/session) does not generate 4 impressions perse. This is because of the impression timer in AdRotate. You can configure the impression timer in Settings > Stats. Some people prefer it to be shorter, or match the average session time of visitors.

    Bots not showing up in analytics is not so strange. For example Google filters most of that stuff out so you never see it.
    AdRotate (Pro) is not that sophisticated for bot detection so that may skewer the stats a bit from time to time. Hence the bot filter you can configure yourself.

    I’m not sure why your site uses above normal lookups, I don’t have similar reports from others and usually AdRotate Geo tracks lookups pretty accurately. So unless someone is actively refreshing pages and deleting cookies (or not using them at all) there shouldn’t be a reason why you would use up all lookups per day other than that they are actually being used. Bots or otherwise.

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