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    Michael Conlin


    My geo-targeted adverts does not deliver as they should.
    The URL is:

    I continuously see an error message on the site that says:
    “AdRotate Geo is no longer working because you have no more lookups for today. This resets at midnight UTC/GMT.”

    Also, I see nothing in the “Your Geo Targeting Data” area except for my IP address.
    I have tried restoring the settings & clearing the browser cookies.

    Can you please verify if the look ups have stopped working or a way with which I can increase the daily look ups limit?

    Thank you,


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi, The only reference to that website/domain I can find is through your last name.
    That domain is not registered on any license and thus can not use AdRotate Geo.
    The one license I did found on your name is expired, too.

    You have been notified of the expiry via email several times.
    In order to get updates, support and access to AdRotate Geo you need a new license.

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