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    I have recently purchased and installed this plugin and there seem to be some issues with targeting limitation. According to the plugin, if I choose AdRotate Geo, it says:
    AdRotate Geo – 30000 free lookups every day, uses GeoLite2 databases from MaxMind!
    Supports: ipv4/ipv6, Countries, Cities, DMA codes, States and State ISO (3166-2) codes.
    Scalability: Suitable for small to medium sized websites.

    I’m not anywhere near that number since the site is not open to public yet. However, it’s coming up with errors that we have reached our limit.

    Can you please suggest a solution?

    Thank you!


    Arnan de Gans

    What’s the domainname of your website?


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    Arnan de Gans

    As far as I can see you’re not subscribed to AdRotate Geo.
    The missing ‘last seen’ date suggests your server is not communicating with mine.

    Current activations:
    Update API: Plugin: AdRotate Professional 5.8.15
    Activated: Aug 27, 2021 15:34 Last seen: Jan 01, 1970 00:00
    Invalid requests: Latency: 0s Banned: No

    You can see the current status in Settings > Maintenance, there should be 2 indicators, one for updates and one for geo services. Both should show something like 200 - OK .

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