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    Hi – I’d just like to get a little more information on how I can use geolocation for my site’s specific needs.

    My site is based in New Zealand. I’d like to:

    – Provide city specific geolocation targeting in NZ (which I understand is available with Maxmind – is there a list somewhere where I can see what cities are used?) where the user is in New Zealand.

    – For anyone visiting outside New Zealand I would like to fallback to Adwords as generally NZ based advertisers do not want to pay for CPM outside of the target market (NZ users). How would this affect the ads adblock disguise if I use this as a fallback? Will the disguise only fail if the fallback is used in this case? I.e. if the user is in NZ the disguise will still work?




    Every developed area is available in Maxmind, both cities and countries.
    There is no list that I’m aware of, and such a list depends on the visitors internet providers. Not all providers assign IP addresses to areas.

    For more information on Geo Targeting, check out the manual:




    We have just bought the AdRotate Pro plugin and entered the licence key in the back-office, but we get a message in the back-office that

    AdRotate has detected one issue that requires your attention:
    ยป AdRotate Geo is no longer working because you have no more lookups for today. This resets at midnight UTC/GMT. Switch to MaxMind?

    what’s going on ?



    Try to re-save the Geo Targeting settings once or twice.
    If a quota is ‘stuck’ at 0, re-saving the settings will poke the server and should update the quota.

    If you’re using AdRotate Geo it will also try to register your site for future lookups.
    If you’re using MaxMind GeoIP you may have to buy new lookups first.

    Registering for AdRotate Geo usually is instant, but sometimes is a bit delayed. This resolves itself after Midnight GMT+0 when all quotas are reset.

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