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    Daniele Besana

    Dear support,

    I configured the geotargeting following your KB article:
    – Settings->Geotargeting enabled “AdRotate Geo” database. It works:

        [provider] => AdRotate Geo
        [status] => 200
        [city] => rijswijk
        [dma] => 
        [countrycode] => NL
        [state] => south holland
        [statecode] => zh

    – Enabled geotargeting for country “the Netherlands” in the Ads
    – Created fall-back Ads without any geotargeting setting
    – Enabled “geotargeting” in the AD groups

    Now, I have 2 AD groups in my blog pages (header and top-of-post).

    The problem is that one group shows the right Ad and one not, check the screenshot here:

    The website uses WP-Rocket and Cloudflare as caching systems.
    But the IP shown in the settings is correct so I’m not sure if it depends on them.

    Can you advise?



    Daniele Besana

    Dear support,

    This is with debug active, it acts quite randomly as the fall-back Ads are sometimes shown even when the geolocalization service returns NL as country:

    I disabled ‘rocket loader’from Cloudflare but it doesn’t help.
    There’s no JS minification in place.

    What to do?



    Daniele Besana

    Hi Aman,

    One more thing: there’s no cookie created by adrotate.
    You can check on this page:


    Arnan de Gans

    Current versions of AdRotate Pro do not use a cookie anymore but store their get data in $_SESSION.
    AdRotate Geo (The lookup service you use) does not rely on Cloudflare or wp rocket, but both of those may prevent the advert from showing.

    If one advert gets cached, then the right one for your selected country may not always show because it’s showing the cached one.

    AdRotate has support for W3 Total Cache and Borlabs Cache.
    Check out this manual on making the plugins work together;


    Daniele Besana

    Hi Aman,

    I disabled cloudflare and WP-Rocket, but the Ads are still not acting as expected.
    Just browser a few articles like
    You should see yellow banners, and black banners only in Netherlands.

    Can you help troubleshooting this?
    We’re running a campaign for a client so we need this feature to work.



    Arnan de Gans

    Sorry for the delay, I’ve answered your email today.

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