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    Hi there,

    I have a gif ad in a group with about 10 other ads,

    The gif ad has 4 slides, each 5 seconds in length

    The ad group rotation is set to 20 seconds long, and when the GIF ad appears, it will be 3/4 of the way through the rotation of the ad.

    Is there a way to prevent that from happening, so that when the gif ad appears, it is at the start.

    On safari if I refresh til the GIF ad is first it starts normally, but takes 10 seconds to rotate, and misses the last slide,

    On chrome, it starts on the 3rd slide, and rotates around fine. before switching to the next ad.

    Ive enabled and disabled in setting
    “Disable dynamic mode”
    “Load jQuery”
    “Load scripts in footer”
    Ive changed around these settings in multiple combinations with little or no success.



    I am running:
    Adrotate 4.9
    Wordpress 4.9.4
    Themify Ultra 1.9.6



    Gif files are a “dumb” format and just do whatever they’re instructed to do.
    The internal rotation of it does not talk, look or sync with anything.
    Nor does it have anything to do with Javascript and jQuery.

    I you want more control over the individual slides you should re-do the advert as a HTML5 advert. That way you can influence the slide speed for example. But that’s probably more hassle than it’s worth.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the gif’s slides are simply more seconds (5.5 or 6s). Or the timing in your browser is off compared to the server.



    Any reason, why a HTML 5 video ad MP4 set to auto play and loop would start 10 seconds into the ad now?

    Seems to work fine in Safari, but in chrome, and Firefox it starts playing 12 or so seconds into the ad, then loops properly.

    If its not the plugin then I need to go back to the client. But I want to cross anything that might be causing the problem on my end first.



    Then those browsers play the advert in the background and don’t look at the visibility.
    I think there is a attribute or JS function to prevent that, which should then be built in into the advert. Something like Lazy load.

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