Google AdSense in AdRotate Not Appearing

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    I have been using AdRotate successfully for more than a year to create and place ads on my websites.

    I now want to place AdSense ads in my site via AdRotate.

    I created an “ad” by pasting the Adsense-provided code into the new ad creation box on AdRotate.

    I included the new “ad” in a group. The rotating ads in the group all show up in rotation except for the AdSense ad. It shows blank.

    My AdSense account tells me that all is good to go on the site. Auto Ads is chosen.

    I assume that placing the AdSense code into the ad creation box is all I need to do via AdRotate. However, the AdSense site instructs that the code needs to be placed “between the <head></head> tags of the site.

    Could this be why the AdSense ads are not showing up? I assumed that putting the code in the New Ad creation box would the AdRotate’s shortcut so the code wouldn’t need to be placed between the <head></head> tags on every page.

    Thank you for your responses.


    Arnan de Gans

    If it outputs an empty spot, the AdRotate bit works.
    Newly created Adsense adverts often take a while to actually show adverts.
    Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes a day.

    If it doesn’t work after 24 hours, make sure the advert is pasted in correctly and if that’s the case, try generating a new code from Adsense. Often that helps.


    Arnan de Gans

    If you have a piece of code that should go in the header of your site you can paste that in the Header field in AdRotate Pro > Manage Adverts > “ads.txt & Header”.

    Or if you don’t have AdRotate Pro, add it to your header.php file yourself via the theme editor.

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