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    Hi there, been checking out the forum for a while. Noticed the query is there already but not sure why this is not implemented yet (please correct me if im wrong)

    Currently I am given the option to create ‘advert’ one at a time. I wish to display random 400 ads on my site. Sure, we can use sftp to upload all these, however there is no option to ‘integrate’ these ads in bulk or automatically on the UI.
    We have to manually select one ad at a time to create an advert … which I believe is really time consuming.

    What we are looking for is a solution to this – Here’s an example scenario

    Suppose I wish to display ads of Amazon, Walmart, Bestbuy, Target for now.
    I have 30 banners each for the websites listed.

    How about creating a folder under the /banners/ area like /banner/walmart/ OR /banner/amazon etc and then import all files in the respective folder, FOLLOWED by a UI which would display random ads from these folders based on post-injection settings?

    This way, We wont have to create adverts 1 by 1.. and instead we can simply create a group called ‘Amazon’ or ‘Walmart’ and use the group ID to display ads in the content and/or sidebar etc. Is such a feature available in Pro?

    We have over 20 content websites where we would like to display ads based on multiple filters however the only challenge we are facing now is to link each ad 1 by 1. We have over 500 ads to display and this is really a tedious task.


    Arnan de Gans

    You can duplicate adverts from the bulk actions menu. Thus is useful if you have a bunch of them that are all the same (or mostly) and just need a different image or group – Duplicate, change the one or 2 settings quickly and save.

    Of if you feel adventurous you can create one advert export it to CSV as a template, expand that export file with however many adverts you want and import that back in.
    This may sound quick, but generally it isn’t really. Simple typos cause the whole thing to fail. Or figuring out a mistake in the file after importing ‘wastes’ a lot of time as well troubleshooting.

    That said, if done right both methods may save you some time. But keep in mind that initial setup generally just takes time. And sometimes a lot of it.

    For your folders ID, you can create subfolders if you want, 2 layers deep.
    You can upload zip files with complete html5 adverts, which are then extracted into their own folder. Or unzip them on your computer and upload all folders manually using (s)FTP.
    Using the above setup routines you can have those take advantage of the files you upload.

    Just gotta work out a workflow that works for you that fits in what AdRotate has to offer.

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