Groups in dynamic mode doesn’t work since WP5.5.1

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    I have 2 problems with 2 adrotate groups when I put them in “Dynamic rotation”:

    – 1st problem with pot group: Instead of showing 1 banner and rotate it dynamically, it show the 2 banners at the same time, like this: If I change the option to default mode, it works fine but the banner only changes when you refresh the page.
    I want the dynamic mode make it work.

    – 2nd problem: adrotate group in the header, in dynamic mode doesn’t rotate automatically and the banner image shows part of the other banner,
    like this: and I fI switch to default mode, the images of the banners are correct, but it doesn’t rotate autmaticaly, you have to reload the page to rotate. But as well, I want dynamic mode.

    Happens since I upgraded WP to 5.5.1 (I came from just the previous version).
    I dont use any plugin cache.
    It happens with adrotate profesional.
    In adrotate setting I have marked Jquery options but nothing changes.

    This is my website: I have switched again to default rotation mode meanwhile


    Arnan de Gans

    That sounds like there is something not working with Javascript.
    Make sure jQuery is loaded – Many themes already load this, perhaps another plugin.
    If it’s not loaded you can enabled it from Settings > General.

    For the header, make sure you’ve set the right size for the adverts. If there is a overlap, usually it’s a size issue. The size can be configured in the group settings.



    Solved everything! Problem was the size defined for the header banner in the AdRotate Groups. It was breaking all other banners.

    Thanks Arnan!

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