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    This might just be me, but I am trying to set up a series of groups on a multisite.

    I bought the Developer License and set it up as per the directions.

    Now I am trying to set up the groups with the corresponding Group IDs on the subsites. It works on the main site, but I cannot get it to pull ads from the groups on the subsite.

    The site is networked, and I have set it to run ads from the main site.

    Is there a more thorough guide somewhere, that I can follow?



    Arnan de Gans

    Subsites, instances, can only grab adverts from the primary site you configured in the super admin dashboard.
    Typically this’ll be site id 1. But it can be any instance on the network of-course.

    You can read more about how to set up a basic network here –

    And a few more examples for placing adverts through a network are available here –



    Hi Arnan.

    Thanks for you quick reply.

    I read through your guides, and it seems I’ve set it up correctly. Obviously I have done something wrong, and I am trying to work it out.

    When using widgets (which is the primary ad-setup we are using on the site) I can choose the groups that are defined in the primary site on all the subsites. I can set them up, and they show fine, but with the missing Group ID syntax error on the page.

    So the groups are defined correctly, but for some reason, they don’t show up on the subsite I am running the tests on.

    They work fine on the main site but not on the subsites: like

    Any ideas as to how this is?


    Arnan de Gans

    Does it work if you use a shortcode or PHP Snippet instead? (as a test)

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