Heavy bug causes PHP script to stop

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Home Forums AdRotate for WordPress Installation and Setup Heavy bug causes PHP script to stop

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    yesterday I had a problem at my client’s WordPress 4.9.2. At first it seemed that just any JS code hasn’t been triggered. After debugging for a while I found out that /wp-includes/cache.php line 123 tried to allocate xyz bytes of memory which could not solved by inceasing the WordPress max cache size. Because of this PHP error the script stopped and did not deliver all the JS at the end of the page, which explains the observed problems. After looking at the source code I saw that the HTML ended after a div of “ajdg_grpwidgets”. A quick Google search told me that it was AdRotate.

    I got deeper in the AdRotate administration and found out that the problems started with the expiration of the last available ad. After extending one example ad everything worked totally fine again.

    The client uses AdRotate in the sidebar with the following theme, latest version 2.6.

    I hope this helps. If you need any further information don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards



    Such errors are typical memory issues. Increasing a cache size (?) will not solve that.
    Raising the memory limit for PHP will.

    If you can’t raise the memory limit, you should consider better hosting or use less plugins.
    I’ve seen sites that uses 50+ plugins, that’s a bit much 🙂
    But likewise I’ve seen webhosts that limit sites to 32/64MB which is very lean.

    Most sites make do with 96 or 128MB memory. My site, ajdg.solutions, has a higher limit because of plugins like WooCommerce and just the combination of a larger number of plugins.



    Moved to Installation and Setup forum, not a bug.

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