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    Hi, I want to have a video pop up from an HTML 5 ad. This issue is that the HTML 5 in AdRotate is displayed in an iframe, which means that I cannot have a bigger video than the ad as a pop up on click or mouse over.

    This is for a banner ad, which is clearly not the right dimensions for a video. The HTML 5 would work with a pop up, but do not see how I can make it work in an iframe – as the only way would be to set a height that would most of time be a blank screen…

    Any ideas?



    Arnan de Gans

    Pretty much every html5 advert is loaded through an iFrame. But if you don’t want that, you can probably do some javascript/css trickery to stick it in a <div> or something. Though, some internal functions of the advert may break then. So be careful with that.

    I’m not sure how the advert size relates to the popup you want to make. If it’s a popup the advert size doesn’t matter 😉



    Thank you Arnan.

    Because it is popping up in the iframe (but out of frame because this is a small space), as opposed to popping up on the web site where the iframe lives?

    I know HTML 5 allows a pop up video as I have seen it. I just don’t know how to get it to work via the iFrame. How can something within an iFrame, which is like a web site within a web site, pop up outside of its container?

    Do you see what I mean?



    Arnan de Gans

    I think you can do something with target="_parent" to have it pop-out of the iframe.
    But research that to see how that works exactly and if modern browsers still support/allow that.

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