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    I have looked at every possible post, video, group chat and cannot get HTML to work. I create a unique folder, no spaces in the name, FTP the HTML file, CSS, Images and JS folders however they do not appear in my Banner folder to select the HTML file.
    Please help!


    Arnan de Gans

    AdRotate Pro looks one level deep for files to use.
    So if your folder for the advert is /banners/yourfolder/

    The adverts html file should be in there or in the banners folder itself. It’s ok to rename that html file to something more recognizable if it has a generic name like index.html.

    If you’re totally stuck setting up the advert I also have a service for that to set it up for you. Some people have me do one advert as a sort of example so they can do the others themselves.
    More on that here –

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