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    Ive found out that there is a problem with adrotate and Jetpack, on how jetpack process de images that leads to the error 0004. Maybe thats something to fix or notice in the next updates.

    To fix it i had to disable de Photon imagen process in Jetpack.

    Once fixed, i cannot make the counter of impressions work,tho


    As far as I know, Photon is supported for image loading.
    Does it work if you (temporarily) disable photon?

    The error relates to the image not being available through Photon.
    Which is more a Jetpack problem than an AdRotate one.

    Try uploading the image through the WordPress media Library, perhaps Jetpack picks it up from there.



    Hi arnan, yes, I fi disable the Photon the ad works. (with no impression tracking)



    Is there a way to track the impressions? donyt know why is not working.



    also would be great ifd we do not have to disable Photon πŸ™ ΒΏIs there any way to make them work? Thanks for all the help.


    Well, Photon should index/grab images on its own. I have no control over that.
    Try uploading the banner images via the WordPress media manager.

    What’s not working about impression tracking? Do you see any errors? How are you tracking stats?



    Hi Arnan! thanks for the reply. Its taking me a lot to make this html5 to work πŸ™

    Ive solved the problem with the impressions not counting. Dont know why but ive reuploaded via FTP the html5 and the image folder into /banners and know it counts.

    the problem with jetpack has no apparent solution. had to disable page acceleration (photon) in jetpack to make it work.dont know how and why, Jetpack support tells me that it should work properly and that it is something about the ad rotate plugin πŸ™

    Now the BIGGER other problem is with the banners itself inside the posts (post injection) they appear cut in half in mobile mode or tablet (with fixed width) and dont know how to code it to respect the width of the post.

    Thanks for all the help!!, every single sponsor now tells me that they want to use html5 in their ads. Id love to keep on using ad rotate for them as well


    Your ‘missing’ photon images, how were they uploaded? Via the WP media manager or via AdRotate?

    HTML5 ads often have their own tracking and can not be tracked by AdRotate.
    Impressions sometimes works, but clicks won’t.

    For images being cut in half, that’s due to the width, fixed width is often fine. Say 468x60px. But If you then set the image to that size also, instead of 100% of the iframe/container, it may overflow/look weird.

    This is sometimes a bit tricky, but most of the times it works fine without tweaks or tricks.

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