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    He informs me that the banners folder does not exist. However older ads look good. Version 4.9 is updated


    nobody answers?



    Make sure the banners folder exists and is writable by WordPress.
    Usually matching the permissions and owner of wp-content is fine.

    You can heck this with a ftp client or with the file manager in your hosting dashboard.


    the folder exists the permissions are 755 and even then I can not register the ads



    Not sure what you mean with “register the ads” but make sure the owner and group of the folder is good too.
    755 is usually good, but only if the owner is correct. Apache/NGinx (or whatever your server uses) needs to own it.


    is all right and I still can not generate a new ad



    Then there is some kind of error in the server – Perhaps a bug.

    Please check your servers error_log file for errors.
    Anything mentioning AdRotate is interesting.

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