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    Though initially, when I navigate to AdRotate on the left side menu from the Admin back end in WordPress, I get the option to Manage Adverts even Groups but the only 2 options I get now are: Support and Settings (after upgrade to v5.4.1), which is very strange.

    Now I cannot modify the running ads because the options to are no longer available. What do you think is the cause and could be the possible fix?



    Arnan de Gans

    Sounds like a permissions error.
    If you look in Settings > Roles. There should be a bunch of access roles listed.

    Make sure they’re set to the right roles and click save.
    Even if they’re already set correctly – Clicking save will re-set them anyway.

    Roles are commonly messed up when you have a poorly written role manager plugin that doesn’t respect 3rd party roles. If you have a role manager plugin and the problem keeps coming back, consider getting a better/different role manager.

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