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    HI –

    I have been testing –

    When i try to place an ad with a remote image the image does not show!
    the image is there, i can see a little broken image icon, if i right click that icon i see the image?

    What could be causing that ? 🙂 lol never seen this…..

    I posted the same ad twice once where i host the image on my site (you can see this) then a row of “XXXXXXXXX” then i posted the remote image (see the broken icon?) right click it and view.

    Any ideas ?




    MAC and Firefox. = ERROR

    MAC and Chrome = OK !!

    FIREFOX ?? Treating images in a strange way !



    The first advert loads normal, and gets the image locally.
    The 2nd doesn’t.

    Looks like Firefox does something weird –
    The resource at “” was blocked because tracking protection is enabled.[Learn More]



    Moved to adverts and banners forum.
    Not a bug.

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