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    Luke dollard

    The import function is not working.

    I have Version 5.8.13 | By Arnan de Gans | View details

    installed and the pro plugin paid for and installed.

    I’m exporting from an old site the active adverts, by selecting them all and downloading the csv file. then importing to the new site. I have hundreds of ads to import, doing it manually would be miserable. Can you please help?

    the old site does not have pro installed, I don’t know if that’s an issue?

    new site: WordPress 5.7.2
    Old Site: WordPress 5.7.2




    Arnan de Gans

    Importing from AdRotate free should be no problem.
    Importing from older versions does often not work.

    Recently the export/import format got changed a bit making it incompatible with older AdRotate versions. So if there is a version mismatch it won’t work.

    If an import goes wrong though you should see errors indicating the issue. Either from AdRotate itself or a bunch of php errors.
    You can see php errors in the error_log file in your hosting dashboard.
    Anything mentioning AdRotate is ofocurse interesting.


    Luke dollard

    No errors come up, for it, i’ll double check if both versions are the same though.

    For now i’m just doing it manually but I’ve come across another issue.

    How do I increase this limit?

    Accepted files: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, svg, html, js and zip. Maximum size is


    per file.

    Do you know which PHP file I need to edit to change it to say 10mb. I like using your upload banner folder so the media library doesn’t have hundreds of ad banners in it. thanks in advance.


    Arnan de Gans

    Advert file sizes should be kept to a minimum, so you should not change the upload limit 😉
    If you want larger files (or bulk upload) in there you can upload them with (s)FTP, take a look at the /wp-content/banners/ folder.


    Luke dollard

    Ok I made two identical sites and it still will not import, they are 100% the same in everyday. Can you test and see if the import function is still working please?

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