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    We switched from DFP to AdRotate Pro in November and have noticed a huge discrepancy between the impressions count we were getting in DFP/Google analytics and what AdRotate reports for impressions. For example one ad that ran for the month of November has the following stats:

    AdRotate: Impressions: 82,650 Clicks: 9
    Google Analytics: Page Views: 18,262

    How can there be 82,650 impressions on only 18,262 page views? This doesn’t make any sense.

    This is not an isolated issue. We are seeing this on all the ads we have run since implementing AdRotate in November 2017.



    AdRotate and Google use different methods to count stuff.
    Google filters out bots, counts sessions a little different and some other things.

    To get AdRotate (pro) more in line with what Google does you can take a look at the bot filter in AdRotate Settings. Enable/Disable the counting of logged in users. Change the impression timer to match your average visit duration or you can switch to count stats with Google Analytics instead.



    Does anyone do consulting work to configure AdRotate?



    Sure, what do you need?

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