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    Impressions for all adverts this month have suddenly jumped by 6x those of last month, but traffic to my site has not.


    Arnan de Gans

    Did something change on your site?
    Did you install any updates? Did maintenance or anything?



    Yes. The most recent change is the addition of the OneSignal Plugin, however this relates to posts and not widgets, and was AFTER the stats started to get strange.

    I’ve seen a couple of others on your plugin feedback with the same issue, was there a solution in those cases?


    Arnan de Gans

    Stats don’t just suddenly change if you didn’t update/change AdRotate.
    If the code stays the same, the routine stays the same.

    It’s possible that because of caching it never counted right and now it does, or that something else is doing something weird with the site – for example loading pages over and over. This could be a bot that’s not counted by your analytics.
    But otherwise, I don’t see how this would change if AdRotate didn’t change.



    The stats have not “suddenly changed,” they are much higher than my pageviews from Google Analytics, and this issue has only become apparent recently.

    By way of example:

    Ad from the 25th of Feb to now (10 days, in the same position as 4 others with equal weighting)
    = 3,266 impressions (according to AdRotate stats).

    Google analytics from the 25th of Feb to now (10 days)
    = 3,050 (2,694 unique).

    So are you saying that there is no way to improve the accuracy of AdRotate reporting on my site?


    Arnan de Gans

    Advert impressions are not pageviews. They should not be compared. But similar trends can be observed ofcourse.
    More pageviews will (or should) result in more advert impressions.

    Where Google may count per session, unique visitor, a gross number or whatever they do these days.
    AdRotate goes for a semi-unique number. When the advert is loaded an impression is counted. Then a timer starts running. If the advert is reloaded before the timer runs out, no new impression is counted. If the advert is reloaded after the timer runs out, a new impression is counted.

    You can configure the impression timer in Settings > Statistics.

    Another influence may be bots and crawlers. Google doesn’t count them. AdRotate tries to not to. But you may want to review and edit the bot filter with more keywords. Which you can do in Settings > General.

    Since both AdRotate and Google count a little different, the numbers will never line up. Even more so because they are not the same statistic.
    You can also track your ads with Google Analytics if you disagree with how AdRotate counts.



    OK, that clears things up immensely, thank you! It’s awesome to have learned this, and to be pointed to a workaround, I really appreciate it.

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