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    Hi there, I’ve installed the pro version of your plugin, it’s great thank you.
    I searched in the forum but I couldn’t find an answer to my question:

    How are impressions counted? Is it based on when the page is loaded or is it based on when the advert appears on the screen. For example, an advert might be very far down the page and the user may not scroll that far. If the user doesn’t scroll to the advert will there still be an impression based on that users page view?



    Hi Joachim,

    Thanks 🥳

    You can read more about how stats work in here:


    Hi Arnan,
    Thanks for your reply. I have read that and it says that it is ‘Measured by how many times the advert is loaded’. So this would indicate that an advert will have an impression when the page loads even if the user does not scroll to where the advert is on the page. Is that correct?


    That is correct.

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