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    My ad impressions stats have been inconsistent this year, with some months reporting 3,000 impressions and others 134,000. Even the stats of the ads running at the same time (in the same group) have significant inconsistencies like this.

    My website pageviews are between 6,000-7,500 per month and time spent on page is between 2-2:30 minutes. We don’t have any caching plugins on the website nor any caching on the server, and we have the latest version of the plugin. What would be causing this inconsistent data?



    Arnan de Gans

    But if it’s always been like this, it may just be accurate 😉

    If you see no inconsistencies in other stats, pageviews or such, there may be a bot or crawler on your site causing this.
    Adding its keyword to the user agent filter will then fix the issue.
    You can configure that in Settings > General.

    To find bots you can ook at something like webalizer or awstats in your hosting dashboard.
    I think most analytics services filter those out these days.

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