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    Petra Maier

    Hello, I would just like to point out that I think the description (in German) is wrong.

    In the plugin under Settings -> Statistic (menu item German: Auswertungen) under the item “Google Analytics” the description of the value “Klickwert” and “Impresssionswert” is wrong.

    In German is described there for both values:

    “This number must not be empty, either less than 10 or more than 3600 (1 hour).” in german: “Diese Zahl darf nicht leer sein, entweder weniger als 10 oder mehr als 3600 (1 Stunde).”

    i think this should be described as:

    For click value: “Multiplier for clicks” in german: “Multiplikator für Klicks”
    For impression value: “Multiplier for impressions” in german: “Multiplikator für Impressionen”

    If you need a screenshot, send me an email.

    One other thing (an idea of mine):

    Would it not be possible, if an advertisement is embedded over an iframe (e.g. html5 video), that you simply put a DIV over the frame and this is then clicked, so that in the internal statistics of AdRotate Pro then also the clicks can be counted. An interaction with the iFrame will not be necessary in most cases, so you could put a DIV over it.

    Thank you for your good work.


    Arnan de Gans

    The description is correct – If the German wording are correct.

    As for the div, that could work. But wouldn’t the click interrupt the banner from working?
    Clicking the div then +1 the clicks in AdRotate, but the visitor is not taken to the website the advert links to becaues the div is in the way?

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