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    Andre Cameron

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m new to the adrotate/wordpress and wondering if I can some help

    I’m working on a site

    I want to have ads running for specific categories
    e.g. if I were to click on “attractions” it would only post ads for attractions along the top so on and so fourth.

    I’m using wordpress running the theme listables by pixelgrade which they recommended adrotate to use but I’m having no luck.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction TIA



    Sounds like you need Post Injection –


    Andre Cameron

    Hi Arnan and thanks for the help.

    So when using this “listable” theme these categories
    e.g. attractions, outdoors..etc
    aren’t under the ‘post -> categories section’, there actually under a whole different area called “listings -> categories”

    So when I goto adrotate to use post injections. It doesn’t give me any of the categories that I’ve in the (listings -> cartergories area)

    Any idea how I would get to access those?



    Andre Cameron

    Sorry is Post injection a separate plugin or do you mean using post injection thats comes with adrotate pro.

    I ask because when looking at the link you sent.
    My screen doesn’t look like that in the adrotate groups setting


    Andre Cameron

    So if I goto it works like it should. but if I come out of the page and click on a link lets say ‘eat and drink’
    it doesn’t display anything.



    Post Injection is a feature in AdRotate and AdRotate Pro – As described in the earlier linked page. If you don’t have those features you’re using a 6 year old version of AdRotate (Pro) or a different plugin.

    For the missing adverts, maybe your adblocker is blocking them – Try disabling the adblocker.


    Andre Cameron

    Hi Arnan,

    i’ve disabled all adblockers, I’ve recently purchased a copy of AdrotatePro. I do see the section you’ve described in the link, but the categories that I’ve created do not show in the adrotate post injection section.

    Here’s a screenshot of the categories I’ve created:
    <img src="" alt="categories" />

    Here’s a screenshot of the categories in the post injection section:
    <img src="" alt="post injection" />

    Is there a way to post inject and choose from the (listing categories) and not from the
    posting categories?

    Or Is there a way to directly insert the code into a php page to get the ads to load?



    Andre Cameron

    Seeing that Listable creates own category types and it is not possible to target them is it possible to target them with a “URL Parameters” ?



    I reread your replies. Looks like some of the things you’re adding are custom post types. Custom post types are not supported – So if your categories and stuff are not there, that’s probably why.

    I’m not sure what you mean with url parameter, but as you probably saw, there is no option for such a thing…

    What you can do, take a look at your theme documentation for that, is to add groups and adverts to your categories in the theme directly by editing the PHP files.
    You may want to use a Child theme for this.


    Andre Cameron

    Thanks I think I figured it out, I’m sure if its coded properly, not really good at this stuff, but I went into the taxonomy-listing-category page and inserted the following:

       if (strpos($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], "/listing-category/attractions/") !== 0): ?>
       <?php echo adrotate_group(2); ?>
    <? else: ?>
    <?php echo adrotate_group(3); ?>
    <? endif; ?>


    That may work, WordPress has a bunch of conditional tags that can check your post type and what kind and name it is/has, too.
    Maybe of use:

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