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    Hey there, I’m really interested in the PRO version but first I installed the Free version to see if it fits my needs.
    I will mostly use in-text simple links ads rather than banners but for some reason they break my text design.

    As you can see it creates a DIV that forces a new line and text changes.
    Is there a way I can make it happen with this plugin?




    Also, what if I need to show 4-5 SAME ads on the page, like:
    John has been going for a job at ProjectX for a long time. He is certain that ProjectX is best place to work at.
    Anthony has been going for a job at ProjectY for a long time. He is certain that ProjectY is best place to work at.

    Anyway to do that?



    I’m not sure what you mean with that. Please clarify.



    I’ve uploaded a screenshot, gave examples and you ask for a clarification?
    This post is described as much as one can describe, really.
    You didn’t even took the time to reply to my first question, and I’m not sure how possibly can someone techie misunderstand it.
    To me it seems that you just don’t know what to reply on this, which is sad.
    Ill pass on this plugin due to lack of experienced support.
    Good luck.



    Sorry hear you feel that way.

    The screenshot only shows stuff related to the div question, which can, for now, not be turned off. It does nothing for your 2nd post.

    Your second post really isn’t clear. That has nothing to do with my support level or experience.

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