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    Today, I did an update for Ad Banner Pro. Now, I get a message
    AdRotate has detected one issue that requires your attention:
    » Your AdRotate Banner folder is not writable or does not exist. Set up your banner folder.

    And none of the ads are working. The folder is there and ads are there but nothing showing



    Make sure the banners folder is in a acceptable location.
    If the path setting in Settings > General is fine try editing the advert and re-selecting the banner image and saving the advert.

    The banner folder has to be in wp-content starting with version 4.7. More on that here –



    Hello there,
    Im having the same issue, I did the last update and all ads stop working, I already check the banner folder location and permissions but actually Im not using images rather scripts.. Im using shortcodes to show the ads.

    When I inspect the source code I find the following: “<!– Either there are no banners, they are disabled or none qualified for this location! –>”

    Before the update everything works fine and I have not changed anything in settings, so do you have any idea how can I fix this?



    @dmejiasks How can you have the same issue if you’re not using banner assets? 😉
    The notification you found clearly states that there is no advert available for that location. This usually means they’re expired or a setting is set so that the advert will not show up at that moment. For example, when they exceed a impression limit or they’re simply not on that group.

    If you also see the notification that your banner folder is not readable, then it’s not readable. Separate issue. Setting the correct permissions and ownership for the folder will fix that.



    Same here after update …



    @kilian – Refer to my first reply.

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