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    Ryan Smith

    Following up on an issue I raised via email earlier, I’m suggesting we introduce a couple hooks in the adrotate_group function so developers can alter the values of the $session_page and $selected ads array that are eventually used to render creatives on pages.

    Kinda like this:

    /* adrotate_group function code line 159 */
    if ( $ads ) {
    foreach ( $ads as $ad ) {
    $selected[ $ad->id ] = $ad;
    if ( $adrotate_config['duplicate_adverts_filter'] == 'Y' ) {
    $session_page = apply_filters( 'adrotate_session-page', 'adrotate-post-' . get_the_ID() );
    $selected     = adrotate_filter_duplicates( $selected, $ad->id, $session_page );
    $selected = adrotate_filter_show_everyone( $selected, $ad );
    $selected = adrotate_filter_schedule( $selected, $ad );
    if ( $adrotate_config['enable_advertisers'] == 'Y' AND ( $ad->crate > 0 OR $ad->irate > 0 ) ) {
    $selected = adrotate_filter_budget( $selected, $ad );
    if ( $adrotate_config['enable_geo'] > 0 AND $group->geo == 1 ) {
    $selected = adrotate_filter_location( $selected, $ad );
    $selected = apply_filters( 'adrotate_selected-ads', $selected, $session_page );
    /* Rest of code goes here... */

    Without this, the $session_page variable is incorrectly populated using get_the_ID() which may return the ID of the first post in a loop on an archive page like the front page, custom post type archives, taxonomy / date archives etc. instead of the ID of the page you’re actually on. This pub sub approach keeps everything clean and organized I think, lemme know your thoughts.


    Arnan de Gans

    But that doesn’t fix the original issue you raised.
    However, the version 5.8.14 fixes that already. So there is no need for these filters.


    Ryan Smith

    this line:
    $session_page = apply_filters( 'adrotate_session-page', 'adrotate-post-' . get_the_ID() );

    would allow developers to implement something like:

    add_filter('adrotate_session-page', function($id) {
    if(is_front_page()){return 'adrotate-post-front';}
    return $id;

    anywhere in their code (custom theme or plugin), which would allow the ads to be added to the correct array associated with the $session_page .

    If this has already been addressed in 5.8.14 then that’s awesome!


    Arnan de Gans

    The next version of AdRotate Pro improves session handling for WordPress.
    This filter while perhaps fixing your use case, does not solve the issue you raised for common users.

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