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    Hi there! Thanks for your great wordpress plugin. I am using the AdRotate Plugin (not Pro) and have a issue with the mobile version of the page. https://www.kaiserwinkl-aktuell.at/ It’s all about the header ad (group). Desktop is fine, but when you have a look at this page on a mobile device, the header ads are jumping when it is rotating every 4 seconds. Do you have solution for that?


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi, That’s likely due to the size setting of 728×90.
    But a quick peek at the code also suggests your theme does all kinds of responsive things to the header. So there may be a relation there also.
    It only happens for the smallest variant at 468x60px as far as I can see.



    Hi Arnan,
    Thanks for the answer. Do you have a solution for me?
    What should I do?


    Arnan de Gans

    Did you try setting a suitable size?
    Or looked at how the theme CSS affects the image?

    At any rate, dynamic mode should be disabled on mobile devices – AdRotate does so when it detects a mobile device. So if you still see dynamic groups on a mobile phone or tablet something isn’t right in that area. Did you edit the plugin?

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