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    Hello Arnan,

    I would like you to consider adding an option to toggle *off* notifications on a per-ad basis, so that expired Ads can be kept without the notifications.

    I have some Ads that are seasonal (and do expire) but I want to keep them in my list for the tracking stats….unfortunately once expired I either get the email or dashboard notifications, the emails – if selected – are daily and the dashboard – if selected – is persistent. I don’t want to turn off all notifications because those notifications are very useful, and for most of my ads I would want to be notified about as they expire, it’s just that there are some I don’t.

    I realize I can just set them to never expire and just not *use* them, but then I don’t get the visual clue (orange background) that an Ad is expired. And disabling them, my next best option currently, moves them to below the list of ‘enabled’ Ads so I might forget to scroll down and find them there.

    I love the plugin and this feature isn’t critical, but would be nice, if it’s something simple to implement.

    Thanks for your consideration!



    As you mentioned, you can disable adverts to not get notifications for them.
    That’s part of why disabling adverts is an option. To get them out of the way temporarily until they’re needed again.

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