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    Darren Huber

    Seems to be a problem with my licence, I just purchased about a week ago.

    Logged in to site (new site, very little traffic) and found this message:
    AdRotate Professional has detected one issue that requires your attention:
    ยป AdRotate Geo is no longer working because you have no more lookups for today. This resets at midnight UTC/GMT.

    When I went to the premium support link, I have this message:
    Your license has expired. In order to continue to receive updates, support and access to AdRotate Geo please get a new license.
    As a thank you for your continued use and support of AdRotate Professional you can get a new license at a special discounted price.

    I tried resetting licence and reentering, still getting the same error.


    Darren Huber

    I got geo targeting working again by switching geo services and switching back to adrotate geo.


    Arnan de Gans

    Make sure you’re on version 5.6.4 – A number of quirks related to licensing, notifications and Geo Targeting have been fixed in that version.

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