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    I’m struggling with mobile support. I believe I have set up the group and advert correctly but I’m having issues. The mobile image is not showing when it is supposed too.

    I’ve attached screenshots of my group and advert settings.

    I’ve added the advert to this page to show you where the issue is. The banner at the top isn’t using the plugin. It’s an image I built into the template. The Ad is in the main body. You will see that it isn’t responding as the top one does.
    Advert page

    I also had another issue where the advert wasn’t showing at all on mobile and was being replaced by the fallback group of adverts.

    Can you take a look and advise what I should do?



    Arnan de Gans

    What are you trying to do, all devices and os’ are selected. So the advert should show up everywhere.


    In answer to your question, the above is what I’m trying to do. Despite the settings I have selected, the plugin is not working.. I have given you an example of what I have implemented in the settings but this isn’t being reflected on the site.

    I have selected the support for mobile devices on the group and I’ve also selected the relevant files within the advert which should show my smaller image on tablet and mobile. However, this isn’t working on the link I’ve given you. Please see the image in the body of the site (not at the top) here

    I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to implement this for a client on the understanding that mobile support is supported.

    Can you suggest why it is not working?


    Arnan de Gans

    For the advert you’re creating you don’t need the mobile support option.
    The adcode already tries to take care of the different devices with the srcset you’ve created.

    AdRotate (Pro) supports it both ways, you can use the mobile feature as described here:
    Or use the Advert generator (or your own adcode) which uses a single advert with a srcset, like you have now –
    You can use both methods at the same time, but that’s generally not necessary.

    Looking closer at your code (I just copied it from your page source), it’s not up to spec. You have both images double with ambiguous size definitions. There are unnecessary data attributes (the data attributes are not in your adcode in your screenshots above though, not sure where they come from…), also it’s tagged for lazyload which, for ads, is generally a bad idea.

    You can regenerate a new and valid adcode with the advert generator in your dashboard.


    Right ok, so I don’t need to enable mobile support in the group when I generate the Adcode with different files. Although you said this isn’t required when generating the code, would it have a fundamental impact on how the adverts display?

    The adcode was generated from the generator using the settings below. I uploaded the media and selected my files based on the screen size I want the ad to show at and then generated the code. This code was never changed so I can’t see why it doesn’t meet the spec..

    After this, I gave the ad a name and selected a schedule and group to assign it too. I can’t see where I’ve gone wrong here.

    I am using Divi for building the pages and the embed codes are being put into a code module within the builder. I’d prefer to use this rather than using multiple widgets as I have the capacity for 30 different ads. I didn’t know about the extra data attributes or lazy load settings, is this being generated by Divi?


    Arnan de Gans

    Indeed using the Mobile adverts option on a generated ad should not matter much, if at all. But its best to keep things simple 🙂
    I’m not sure where the extra code came from, lazy load is a plugin I believe, but if Divi has that built-in that may be the case yes.

    If you generate the new advert, does it work or do the same thing? Any change?
    I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for you, it works on my test site. It’s hard to pinpoint these things without a visible error 🙁

    Make sure you clear your browser cache, website cache (via a caching plugin you may have), that no adblocker is hindering things and that the lazy load and extra code is not applied to the adcode. Then at-least we can somewhat deduce that the issue is not caused by a common external factor.


    I think I may have found the lazy load issue by disabling the setting within an image optimising plugin (Smush). There is a caching plugin on the site but I’ve periodically deleted the cache and nothing seems to change. I have successfully added other ads in other layouts which seem to have worked (I didn’t need mobile support for those ads). A preview can be seen here

    I have deleted the ad that I gave as an example above. I have disabled mobile support on the group and also disabled post and page injection. These were previously set as ‘Widget’. I have also unselected all the pages and posts (I selected all on these previously)

    I have then generated the Adcode from the generator and selected the files. See my set up screen below.

    I have selected the group I want to assign the advert too and given it a schedule. I have then added the group code [adrotate group="62"] to this page here

    The advert doesn’t change when I reduce the window size and the mobile ad doesn’t show on mobile. I disabled my wifi connection on my phone and loaded it with 4g just to see if it was a cache issue.


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi, sounds good 🙂
    And no, it’s not a responsive advert. So resizing the window won’t load another image.
    But making the window smaller and then reloading the page should on most devices.

    The lazy load code won’t show up in the AdRotate Dashboard I’m sure (when editing the advert).
    Most such things are loaded dynamically on pageload. I’m sure the advert is fine when generated.
    But then when the page is loaded for the visitor, plugins can alter the output by adding lazyload, or anything really.

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