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    (Originally posted this on, but it was never answered:

    Are there any plans to expand the options for in content post injection?

    Currently, the highest “insert after paragraph #” option you can select is limited to “after the 8th paragraph” (see screenshot: For my longer posts, it would be nice to be able to select up to 16th paragraph for example.

    Also, is there any planned support for in content injection into custom post types? I use the default posts for product review posts, but then I also have a custom post type for blog posts. I need to be able to inject ads into both of these post types.



    Hi Jesse, There are some ideas to add more and better injection or automated placement features.
    But that’s a work in progress and I can’t quite figure out a good way to do it AND keep it simple/easy to use for users.



    Hi Arnan, what about allowing post injection past the 8th paragraph and also allowing post injection into custom post types? The blog section of my site uses custom post type. It’s a shame I can’t insert ads into blog posts just as I do the native post type.


    That’ll be available in the next update.

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