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    My question is – how do I go about having two or three versions of an advertisement rotate within the rotation…

    There are 4 Ads…

    A B C D

    The A advertisement has two versions – A1 and A2 (same size… same ad – except a different quote)

    What I would like to do is –

    A1 B C D
    A2 B C D

    So BCD each get twice as many exposures as A1 or A2…

    Right now, I can do:

    A1 A2 B C D – and change the weight of the first two to a lower category… but that doesn’t seem right.



    Arnan de Gans

    It’s probably the easiest to create variations as adverts and just include them in the group.
    Tos how them more prominently you can indeed use the weight option.



    The weight option is 5 choices…

    1 2 3 4 5

    If I give: A1 weight 2, A2 weight 2, B weight 4, C weight 4, D weight 4/

    So out of 12 possible choices…

    Would this work – where all of the ads are even?

    i.e. 25% chance that an A1 or A2 will come up
    i.e. 25% chance that a D will come up
    i.e. 12% chance that A1 comes up.


    Arnan de Gans

    Every ‘level’ of weight is an up-to % chance of being picked on pageload.
    So a weight of 2 gets an up-to 20% chance to be picked.

    The system is defeated if every advert has the same weight of-course.

    Over time you’ll notice that the lower weight adverts get less impressions. This may take a few days to become noticable.



    I am still confused.

    From the software - under manage advertisers... the weight category

    The weights aren’t really levels – as much as they are unclear terms. So a weight of “Less than average” isn’t helping me. A weight of 2 – that means 20% – I can understand that.

    As I explained earlier – I would like to be able to control with precision these things… like a group within a group… and fixed percentages.

    Is this something that I could perhaps hire you – to help me with?

    I have multiple ad spots – but some advertisers want more than one ad (different quotes featured).

    TALKERS Magazine

    If you look at a particular ad spot and refresh the page – a different ad will appear. At this time – all advertisers only have one ad. But starting today – we have an advertiser with two ads that they want to rotate…

    I used to use a slideshow program to display the groups and then give weights within the slides. But that slideshow program doesn’t work as of the latest big release of WP.



    Any thoughts on this? Still trying to make it work – its not exact… or even overly close.


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi, The weights are levels. But compared to my explanation they’re not very obvious indeed.
    I should revise my explanation a bit (or the dashboard) to make the numbered levels more clear.

    I’ll look into that for a near future update so that it’s easier to interpret and explain.

    My previous post still has the answer though.
    You can also check out this little manual for a bit more context, but the screenshot also needs updating –

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