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    I’m using WP 5.1, with Litespeed caching plugin, although the plugin files for adrotate are exempted from caching to possibly prevent issues. The issue I’m having is related to Widgets in the sidebar of my site.

    The groups I have for my sidebars are all set to maximum dimensions of 300×1050, adverts within these groups vary in size, but all should fit within the dimensions allowed by the group.

    The ads are a combination of DFP/GAM ad code and simple script from another ad network (AdClerks). The issue I’m experiencing seems to affect all adverts.

    The issue I’m having is that when a widget is rendered on page load, it always seems to load the maximum size of the group and then fill the widget with multiple adverts. The effect is multiple ads stacked on top of each other. Within a few seconds the plugin kicks in and resizes the widget to only fit a single advert. This causes an inflation in impressions, and since the adverts are loaded but then not seen, my viewability takes a negative hit.

    Here’s an example of the effect in action: <img src="" alt="Ads Stacking" />

    Any ideas what could cause this?


    Arnan de Gans

    That can happen if you use a dynamic group. The size needs to be exact for adverts to show up correctly.
    You can however try to use “auto” for the size. This works sometimes, but depends a bit on how your theme deals with that kind of stuff.

    Your impressions are not inflated because of that, only the “current” advert is counted in dynamic groups. Regardless of actual visibility.

    A common workaround is to either resize all adverts to be the same size, or if that won’t work make the smaller advert images bigger with a transparant background. Then they appear the same size, but the actual file will fit your settings because of the transparant stuff.

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