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    I sent you an e-mail more than a week ago, but have not gotten a reply. Do not know why.

    I upgraded to AdRotate Pro and did the installation as requested, I can see the Ads and the Groups etc in the admin panel, but but the Ads are not shown on the page. I deactivated and activated the Plugin again and still not working. I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it, still not working.

    Everything was working fine before the upgrade.

    – Which version of the plugin do you have?
    4.11 Pro version

    – Which WordPress version do you use?

    – Is your WordPress a multisite/networked installation?
    Single site

    – Do you use a caching plugin? Which one?
    W3 Total Cache (I have checked in Misc and added the code)

    Thank you



    I didn’t receive/see any emails from you after the email issue we resolved.
    But, if adverts don’t show after updating then maybe there is a issue with the database.

    You can see the versions and status in Settings > Maintenance, near the bottom.
    Sometimes you need to (re)run the updater if you’re coming from an older version.

    Other than that, both plugins are mostly the same on outputting things. They share the same database and such. So either way it should be drop-in replacement to switch to Pro or Free.

    If there is no obvious cause or anything, but things still don’t show, then take a look at the servers error_log file for anything that mentions AdRotate. Anything is interesting.

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