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    Hello, yesterday I installed your AdRotate Banner Manager plugin for WordPress and I like it very much!

    However, I have 1 problem with it: AdBlock and other adblockers are blocking banners made with the help of your plugin and that is why I decided to install “Ad Blocker Notify” plugin and I used there a function called “Alternative message”. If someone is using ablocker on my website, then this plugin shows text or banner that I put there in settings (I used there an image where I ask to turn off adblockers so people can see my banners).

    So I made a div class for this “blocking banner” and I put it in sidebar and it works perfectly.

    However, if I try to use this div class with your plugin, then for some reason it doesn’t work (I tried to put it in Group settings, and I use dynamic mode btw). Here is how I tried to use it there, in “Wrapper code” window.

    Before advert:
    <div id="sidinfo" class="sadbanner">

    After advert:



    So if I use the same code in sidebar, then it works as I wanted to, and it shows my “blocking banner”. But if I do the same with your plugin, then it doesn’t work. And if I turn off ablocker on my website, then all the dynamic banners made with the help of your plugin are shown okay.

    Can you tell me please, if I do something wrong?

    Thanks in advance!


    Arnan de Gans

    Some adblockers block the widget class from AdRotate (Pro).
    So anything inside it is then blocked.

    AdRotate Pro has widgets that try and prevent that.
    You can also try to use a simple text widget from WP and put a shortcode + your extra code in there.

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