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    Hi, my license expired yesterday. Today I purchased a new license. I entered it in “settings – license”. I see the phrase “Woohoo! Thank you! Your license is now active …”
    But I can’t see the banners anymore (e.g. in the sidebar).
    The code of my pages has not changed.
    How can I solve it?
    Thank you

    Ps. cache cleared many times.



    I tried to delete the plugin and install it again (via the purchase email link), I entered the product key, but nothing happened.


    Arnan de Gans

    Showing adverts does not depend on the license.
    But, check a few things;
    1. Is the license active in Settings > License?
    2. Do the adverts show in your dashboard?
    3. And if so, do you see any errors or notifications in the dashboard?



    1. the license is active (the new license), correctly set up on my site.
    2. advertisements are displayed (as always) among the “Active Adverts”
    3. No mistake.

    Banners do not work from 00.00 today, license expiration date. I purchased the new license, inserted correctly, but the banners are not viewable.
    I await an answer



    I don’t know why, but now I have solved the problem.
    Thanks for your assistance

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