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    But there are timeouts by query and AMAZON.
    When I wait to stop loading imediately occures a failure/failures when looking with chrome inspection, so there is some dependence…

    I tested all possible options

    I tacked option “Load jQuery” but it doesn’t change something.

    Laden von jQuery Laden Sie jQuery, wenn Ihr Theme es noch nicht lädt. jQuery ist für dynamische Gruppen, Statistiken und einige andere Funktionen erforderlich.



    As for example now:


    Notice that first Ad is from plugin, Second from simple text widget

    Failure is always showing by linked Amzon Product from Adrotate, never from text widget



    As an author, I would see it as a challenge to solve the problem.
    Hints that I don’t give as a programmer are obvious to me.
    It is definitely due to the plugin because only 1 plugin is switched on.
    As soon as it is switched off, the page loads without problems.
    I am surprised that we are writing about it here for 3 days.


    Arnan de Gans

    If it fails on the amazon ad, the advert is probably broken.
    Disable the advert and see if the site works then. If so, the issue with amazon.



    I looked for another threads with Amazon ads.
    I am ont the only one.

    I am tired from testing.

    I see that another code (from another adserver) works properly

    Amazon ads with picture and text from Amazon stripe (on iframe basis) seem to work OK. But alone.

    <iframe sandbox="allow-popups allow-scripts allow-modals allow-forms allow-same-origin" style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"></iframe>

    BUT another wit big picture are causing this timeout obviously.


    I don’t understand this all.
    Could you take a look, please, and maybe see what could be a reason for this?



    That is how it looks like by chrome inspector. Pictures will not be loaded:



    Most important question:

    BUT why is the same code from Amazon Big picture causing problems via AdRotate perfectly working in simple text widget. No problems at all, no timeout , nothing, nada.

    So my suggestion is something is different via AdRotate than Text widget.



    There MUST be some delay with scrips because even by this generally working Txt+Picture ads very often the script for shorting text fails (wrote in another thread about it).
    This is never the case with same code in simple text widget 🙁

    This is not showing link before, with not working big pictureby chrome inspector:



    Arnan de Gans

    Seems to work fine for me, fast too.
    So logically something on your website blocks it. No idea what though.



    I took this ad with big picture away thtt is why it works 🙁
    Nothing is wrong with amazon ads but with plugin delaying some scripts in them 🙁
    The problem is not on one computer. Mostly it is on mobile.
    Wasted about week doing 200 ads not working.



    I don’t know how I could bring you to test and belive me.
    Desktop and Android shows the page but shows 1 minute loading.

    Iphone doesn’t shows more than up to first ad and shows first after stopping loading.

    These are facts and you seem don’t wanting to check them.
    My computers and mobiles are absolutely correct.


    Arnan de Gans

    It’s not about believing… 🙄
    I did test your advert and it works on every device I try it. Laptop, phone and tablet.
    All loads and it’s fast too.

    That means the advert works. It also means AdRotate works.

    If it then doesn’t work on your site, logically something on your site is causing the issue. Perhaps something in you ur browsers, a setting or plugin you use everywhere or something.
    So far the site doesn’t load at all for me so I can’t see the issue, which ofcourse makes it harder to give you good advise.



    You seem to want to remain ignorant. Before I try, I check everywhere, I’ve been to friends and even neighbors to look at their cell phones. As written, it is most visible on mobile phones. But the desktop chrome inspector always shows errors. The scripts slow down the process and Amazon timeout reports, so the identity in the cookie is probably not screwed up in order to earn money.

    I have to look for an alternative because this permanently visible loading of the page is enough on its own and is on all devices



    And for your test you could take a code which have here deleted:

    For example:




    <a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="//" ></a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />


    Arnan de Gans

    Also this advert is working fine on my test site on my phone, tablet and laptop.
    See for yourself –

    Call it what you want (ignorance or otherwise), but if the advert works in AdRotate both AdRotate and the advert are fine.

    We all use the same code for the advert and AdRotate – If there is an incompatibility or some ‘delay’ or whatever I would have the same issue on my test site as you have.

    That’s just basic logic.

    If something goes wrong with the adverts on your site the issue is on your site somewhere. However I can’t see what that issue is because I can’t log in to your site, see settings or anything else. As I mentioned, because the whole website doesn’t seem to work/load and even if it did I don’t have access to your settings of-course.

    You can try disabling features in AdRotate – Disable stats, weight, different group mode, different schedule as a test.
    You can disable extensions in your browser – Adblocker, content blockers, local caches, themes, other plugins that may interfere with loading remote items. Make sure everything goes through https. That sort of thing.

    In WordPress you can try to enable jQuery and then in the browser you can clear the cache – See if that helps. However, jQuery is not used for basic output, so logically that should not affect anything. But since yo mentioned a jQuery issue earlier…

    Also of-course make sure everything is up-to-date.

    Perhaps that tells you something useful or uncovers some bug but for now with all the information you gave me the only conclusion I can see is that something in your website causes this and it’s not the advert or AdRotate.



    Your tool on 1 computer, On other (my newest) without pictures at all:

    Desktops chrome mac

    Loading also about 1 minute+

    Opera on Iphone, footer failure something with ob_end_flusher
    Something with compressiom
    Safari not opening at all

    Site is without SSL

    I now have alternative, even with export function.
    Not so pretty like yours 🙂 but functioning without any problems, failures on loading for 2 minuts.
    I woul love to use yours but anyway I have to look for working things 🙁

    Thank you



    With loading I didn’t mean taht the page is not see butt irritating X by browser and rotating wheel on tab title saying that something is not ready, after this failures to see in console. You are programmer, I don’t have to explain you this. Take an honestly look.



    My site with another plugin without any , ANY failures.
    It is possible.

    200 Ads again and 1 weeks wasted time

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