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    Arnan de Gans

    My tool (AdRotate) on 3 devices yes, and one of them is a computer. All of them have different browsers and operating systems.
    Look if you’re just going to question my testing or logic or advises that’s fine but then I can’t help you. As shown in this topic which seems to be going nowhere with you on repeat saying it doesn’t work and me trying to help and testing things that clearly do work – Or is my demo page not working for you…?

    I gave you some ideas and suggestions in my previous post. Throughout other replies I responded to your findings with some ideas and things to look at – mostly suggestions.
    It seems clear to me that there is something on your server or website that causes this because if otherwise it wouldn’t work on my server and site as well. And unless you show me something that suggests otherwise that’s my conclusion.

    I have no access to your site, so I can’t see the problem or properly advise you on it other than respond to what you tell me. (Yes I can repeat myself too, just like you keep doing).

    If you want me to log in to your site (if it loads for me) and actually diagnose the problem you can buy AdRotate Pro which includes that kind of support with the license. Or you can buy WordPress support. Both go via a ticket system. Of-course I can’t guarantee a solution, but usually there is an easy answer to things like this.

    I’ve just tried loading the site again which now loads. Presumably I can then log in as well should you want the extra support.



    I am tired of this topic after one week.
    Which site did you load again.
    As I wrote there is already alternativ plugin here and all i working fast and without any problems or whatever. Thanks for trying but I did 2 last days again the work putting ads not for nothing and am happy with result. Even if I like yours from layout und functionality in backend 🙂

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